About Simon

“I know too well the importance of managing people in the right manner. After all, I am speaking to one person and discussing only one subject – that person. Can there be a more important subject to discuss.

I am fortunate in that I do possess empathy, a strong liking for people, a good sense of humour (it’s not painful if it’s self-deprecating) and sound insight.

I have had the pleasure of analysing some “couples” and while we had a great time of laughing and joking, I was able to show them how to more effectively communicate with each other.

Not only do I analyse the person’s personality and character (and all traits) but I do so in an energetic and entertaining fashion so that we all have a wonderful time. And I work hard to ensure this.

I invite you to e:mail me or call to arrange a personal analysis, absolutely free of any charges (for event planners only), so that you can ascertain the quality of work. GTA area only. I thank-you.”

Call – 416-739-6652
e:mail: simon@torontohandwritinganalyst.com

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