Entertainment Handwriting Analysis – ideal for groups from 25 to 200. Each analysis takes approximately 5 minutes. Experience has shown that once one person has participated, that person will encourage all the others to participate and enjoy. Amusing, entertaining and enlightening, it leaves the guests amazed and wanting more.

Corporate Employee(s) Handwriting Analysis – more detailed and focusing on individual’s natural gifts and talents. This can effectively help management determine if individual is best suited for the position held or considered… e.g. if that person shows to have exceptional tact/diplomacy traits along with intelligence and honesty and a desire to help others, he/she could contribute significantly to the company in Customer Service rather than Inventory Control. It’s an excellent tool for helping management place the right people in the right jobs with the attendant benefits accruing to all.

Individual Handwriting Analysis – helps to objectively understand oneself better and take the necessary actions to grow and improve. This analysis will point out the natural skills/talents and other attributes along with those less desirable traits. Effective means of correcting the negatives are discussed and if warranted, special exercises are recommended.

Corporate Individual Handwriting Analysis – similar to above, the focus is on the individual and how that person can best improve so as to reach the potential and work more successfully for the company and for him/herself and achieve greater success. In one-on-one discussions (analysis), the individual will invariably ask, “what can I do to improve?” The negative handwriting signs are then pointed out and ways and means of altering them are discussed… thus helping to change that individual for the better. More than 95% of individuals participate willingly and will readily agree to the negatives pointed out and do desire to eliminate them or make them less important in their lives.

Handwriting Analysis As An HR Asset – you find yourself with three or five candidates for an important position. On paper and during personal interviews they all look very good. Whom would you choose?

The analysis of each individual’s handwriting can do much to assist HR in arriving at the best choice for that specific position.

If you are an Events Planner or hold a position of Corporate Responsibility and wish to learn first hand how effective handwriting analysis can work for you, simply scan a hand-written (not printed) document (approximately 4 sentences on unlined paper). Do include two words that start with a capital “M” or “N” and a couple of words that end with a “y.”

Email me at and I’ll be happy to reply with my analysis. A Special Offer Open To The Public – If you are interested in having your handwriting analyzed in order to become more aware of all your positive points and latent talents and skills, then this could prove very important to you.

Handwriting Analysis can clearly point out certain attributes that you may not be aware you possess. Learning more about you can dramatically improve your life and career. Now, through the wonders of modern technology, this is possible.

Here’s how – write approximately 10 sentences on a clean sheet of unlined white paper. Please use a ballpoint pen and do not print. Write only. It doesn’t matter what you write, how your spelling is or sentence structure. These things do not count so have some fun. Do, however include a couple of words that start with a capital M or N and a few words that end with a “y.” Scan this document and email it to me.

Once I have completed my analysis, I will email the results to your attention.

The Cost For This Service?

Please send a cheque or money order made payable to:

Simon Zelcovitch
131 Torresdale Avenue, Suite #707,
Toronto, Ontario Canada M2R 3T1

in the amount of $100.00. prior to your email. Thank-you.

Phone: 416 739-6652

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